Administrative Assistant Resume

Administrative Assistant Resume Tips

Administrative assistants are the backbone of the modern office. Because of their high demand, however, it can be difficult to land an interview when so many applicants are jockeying for the same spots. If you want to edge out your rivals and secure yourself a steady job in the administrative field, here are six tips for building a great resume.

1: List All Relevant Experience

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never actually worked in an office. If you took secretarial training courses last year, or if you regularly volunteer to handle the books at your church, you have real-world experience in administrative affairs that should go on your resume.

2: Highlight Your Accomplishments

How did you improve office efficiency at your old job? Maybe you digitized the records while everyone else was still laboring with pens and paper. Maybe you hosted a training seminar that introduced the staff to cloud computing. Whatever your achievements, make sure you cover them in full.

3: List Your Software Skills

Administrative assistants should be familiar with a variety of programs and applications, including Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Word. If you plan on working in a financial office, it’s also worth mentioning if you know QuickBooks. Don’t forget to include your history with Windows, Macs and Linux operating systems, too.

4: Be A Communications Expert

In addition to detailing your skill with both written and verbal communication, you should also follow your own example and pay close attention to the language you use in your resume. Are you utilizing strong action verbs to describe your experience? Are you relying too much on adjectives instead of facts?

5: Use Numbers And Figures

Instead of talking about how you “scheduled meetings for senior staff,” say that you “effectively managed the calendars of six department heads and two executive VPs.” Numerical units will add a level of precision to your words, one that reflects well on your natural talents as an administrative assistant.

6: Add A Personal Touch

Don’t be afraid to weave a human element throughout your resume. For example, it’s okay to mention that you’re “slowly mastering Sage software” or that you’re able to negotiate vendor prices with your persuasive personality. As long as you use such tactics in moderation, you can distinguish yourself from all the copycat resumes that look the same.

Administrative Assistant Job Description

Administrative assistants are office workers devoted to the task of running things smoothly in a business environment. They might answer phones, schedule appointments, file paperwork or direct visitors around the building. They might also be expected to provide personal services to high-level executives, like passing around coffee during board meetings or making travel arrangements for international conferences.

Administrative assistants should be computer literate and comfortable with operating office equipment like copiers and fax machines. They might report to a single supervisor or serve an entire team or department.

Administrative Assistant Resume Example

Administrative Assistant Resume Example 2

Work Experience

Martin Hamilton – McLean, VA (October 2013 to May 2016)
Administrative Assistant

  • Provided administrative support to the staff and management team on a daily basis by coordinating and tracking meetings, interviews, and processing travel requests.
  • Assisted with creating documents, preparing packages, and uploading information into the Staff Action Control and Coordination Portal for routing and tracking purposes.
  • Created and updated personnel information rosters, travel/budget tracking sheets, tasking spreadsheet, annual leave and travel calendars.
  • Created and distributed electronic and hard copy correspondence, instructions and information memos as needed.
  • Acted as a secondary point of contact for all matters pertaining to facilities management, telephone and office furniture/equipment purchases, repairs, and moves.

USX Resources, Inc – McLean, VA (March 2011 to August 2013)
Administrative Assistant

  • Assisted with daily analytical tasks as needed such as preparation of deliverables, briefings, internal reports, databases, and staff packages.
  • Maintained catalog of reports, standard operating procedures, and policies for staff reference.
  • Maintained strict confidentiality with sensitive documents and telephone calls.
  • Prepared expense reports and tracked reimbursements as needed.
  • Handled accounts payable departmental invoices; Acted as department liaison for vendors; Resolved billing problems

CFA International, Inc – Fairfax, VA (November 2006 to March 2011)
Administrative Assistant

  • Provided analytical support by maintaining various databases and an online information repository.
  • Prepared travel orders for executives; initiated airline, hotel/lodging and ground transportation reservations. Prepared travel reimbursement claims upon return.
  • Initiated, tracked, and drafted correspondences; entered and tracked administrative actions from inception through completion.
  • Prepared and shipped meeting material for conferences; maintained and replenished departmental supplies as needed.
  • Explained human resources policies and procedures to all new employees

Science Developments Corporation – McLean, VA (July 2002 to September 2006)
Administrative Assistant

  • Managed and coordinated travel arrangements for workshop and meeting participants which included air travel, lodging, and car rental reservations.
  • Processed vendor invoices and expense reports for employees and meeting and workshop participants upon receipt.
  • Consolidated notes from workshops and produced draft reports for management approval. Conducted editorial and grammatical review of reports before finalization and submittal.
  • Processed new hire packages for permanent and temporary personnel including reference checks, stock offer letters, relocation and bonus paperwork.
  • Initiated paperwork for internal transfers, company and division changes, promotions, and benefit package updates.
  • Tracked annual performance reviews; emailed employee forms, suspense information, and instructions as needed.
  • Troubleshot minor computer problems, created e-mail profiles, set-up conference room projectors and assisted with maintaining office equipment as needed.


Business Administration Degree – Strayer University – Woodbridge, VA