Assistant Manager Resume

Assistant Manager Resume Tips

1: Outline Your Experience

Assistant managers aren’t entry-level employees, so even if you’ve never held the title before, you’ll need to wield some kind of experience to prove that you’re capable of handling the job. Try discussing all the responsibilities you took on at your previous place of employment, or mention that you became a keyholder or bank runner after just three months of work.

2: Establish Computer Literacy

Almost all managerial positions will require you to use computers in some way. For example, you might have to digitally categorize inventory or manage a cloud-based payroll schedule. You’ll enjoy a real edge over competitors if you don’t have to be trained in administrative software. Under your “skills” or “qualifications” header, mention your proficiency with MS Office or your experience with customer relationship management (CRM) software.

3: Demonstrate Good Teamwork

As a liaison between upper management and regular staffers, it will be your job to settle disputes, promote cooperation and run interference between the groups. Any interpersonal skills you can bring to the table will prove your readiness for the job. Talk about the workplace fundraisers you’ve hosted or the training seminars you’ve set up for new employees.

4: Be A Customer Service Authority

In the current economy, the customer is king. Use your resume to establish yourself as an expert in customer service. If you’ve won any awards for sales quotas or customer satisfaction, list them; if you spearheaded a new advertising campaign that resulted in a record-breaking number of sales, go into detail with the percentages. Attracting and retaining customers will be one of your biggest tasks as an assistant manager.

5: Reveal Your Ambitions

No one plans on staying an assistant manager forever, so it’s perfectly acceptable to show passion and drive on your resume. Open the application with your career objectives; pepper it with all the accolades and promotions you’ve received over the years.

These are just five ways to calibrate your resume into something worthy of an assistant manager position. Whether you’re aiming for retail work or a job in a restaurant or country club, it’s important that your resume reflects professionalism and organization in all things.

Assistant Manager Job Description

Assistant managers are mid-level employees who bridge the gap between day-to-day workers and upper management. Their responsibilities will vary based on their environments and industries, but generally speaking, they’re expected to manage projects, delegate tasks and handle customer complaints with tact and sensitivity.

Assistant managers may┬ábe in charge of recruitment and training of new employees. As brand representatives for their company, assistants managers are often being groomed for higher titles and greater burdens, though this isn’t universal. They report directly to their superiors or branch managers.

Assistant Manager Resume Example

Work Experience

Wal-Mart Super Center, Texarkana, TX (June 2010 to Present)
Assistant Manager

  • Assist Manager in daily operations of store with $108M in annual revenue and .35% in shrinkage
  • Interview, hire, train, evaluate, and mentor employees
  • Ensure compliance of company policies, procedures and state/federal regulations.
  • Manage merchandising operations and drive financial performance of assigned areas ensuring sales and profit goals are achieved
  • Responsible for the scheduling and payroll of 55 employees.
  • Direct and manage ordering, receiving, and stocking of $5.3M inventory
  • Ensure compliance of alcohol, tobacco, food handling, and HIPPA federal and state regulations
  • Implement and monitor asset protection and safety controls
  • Handle and resolve customer and personnel issues

Nine West, Atlanta, GA (April 2007 to March 2010)
Assistant Manager

  • Completed store operational requirements by initiating, coordinating, and enforcing program, operational, and personnel policies and procedures.
  • Drove business by establishing rapport with potential and actual customers
  • Marketed merchandise by studying advertising, sales promotion, and display plans
  • Maintained store staff job results by coaching, counseling, and disciplining employees
  • Associate of the Quarter for the district in the 2nd quarter of 2009

Wal-Mart, Atlanta, GA (July 2004 to April 2007)
Assistant Manager

  • Provided supervision and development opportunities for hourly associates
  • Ensured customer service, store cleanliness and employee efficiency
  • Ensured accurate count of money for deposit
  • Drove sales in assigned areas
  • Ensured compliance with Company policies and procedures
  • Communicated and exercised sound judgment and organizational practices

Burger King, Atlanta, GA (May 2002 to June 2004)
Assistant Manager

  • Maintained daily and weekly inventory log to monitor profit and loss of store products
  • Interviewed, oriented, trained, and supervised new employees
  • Conducted daily meetings with employees and monthly meetings with managers
  • Setup employees schedules based on projected sales from previous week
  • Created purchase order to replenish supplies and product
  • Ensured that all the areas of the restaurant were constantly maintained for cleanliness

New York and Company, Buford, GA (November 1999 to April 2002)
Sales Leader

  • Created and established rapport with potential and actual clients in order to build the business and generate sales
  • Recruited, trained, and developed,associates on company policies, procedures, and customer service guidelines
  • Completed daily store operational requirements as well as maintain daily sales and conversion goals.
  • One of three managers in the entire district to achieve 3 out of four goals (sales, conversion, and ADS) the entire year of 2001


Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing – Georgia State University, Robinson College of Business