Bank Teller Resume

Bank Teller Resume Tips

1: Showcase Your Skills

The first thing HR will want to know is what skills you can bring to the job. List everything you can do in a neat bullet list like so:

  • Ledger Balancing
  • Loan Processing
  • Petty Cash Management
  • Tax Preparation

2: Emphasize Your Trustworthiness

Bank tellers handle a large volume of cash on a daily basis, so do whatever you can on your resume to assure them of your quality of character. For example, if you were promoted after six months, don’t just list the senior position; explain that you were offered the job because of your accuracy and perfect attendance record.

3: List Your Accomplishments

Have you ever won a customer service award or taken a class in finance? Even the smallest of achievements can show a hiring manager that you’re willing to go above and beyond the requirements of the job. All bank tellers know how to count money; having drive is what will separate you from your competitors.

4: Mention Fraud Prevention

Fraud is a massive problem for banks. From fake bills to identify theft, they lose thousands if not millions a year due to customer dishonesty. As a teller, you’ll be the first line of defense against scammers, so be sure to include in your resume that know how to spot forged checks or recognize the signs of money laundering.

5: Punch Up Your Language

Bank tellers are the face of their institution, so a great emphasis is placed on friendliness and good rapport with customers. While you’ll want to keep your resume polished and professional, a sense of enthusiasm will also let your bosses know that you’re up for the task of being a cheerful employee.

6: Follow Directions

If the bank offered any guidelines for your resume or cover letter, follow them exactly and without deviation. There are some jobs that encourage ingenuity; bank tellers aren’t one of them. When they give you instructions, they want to know that you can follow them to the letter.

7: Use Internal Lingo

There are a number of phrases known only to those with experience in white-collar jobs. For example, “professional appearance” means that you wear starched shirts and don’t have any visible piercings or tattoos; “loss prevention” means you’ve had experience dealing with thefts. Drop these hints on your resume to show your potential employer that you understand the unspoken expectations of the job.

Bank Teller Job Description

Bank tellers are entry- to mid-level employees within a financial institution who are responsible for the transaction of money between customers and the bank. They’re expected to handle cash, checks, deposits/withdrawals, and also function as the face of the company. They should be familiar with the bank’s policies and promotions and be comfortable interacting with people.

Bank Teller Resume Example

Bank Teller Resume Example