• Guide to Professional Business Writing

    No matter the industry, business writing is an inescapable part of most jobs. Business writing may consist of something as simple as an email or inter-office memo, or it may be a crucial company report or presentation. The good news is that learning to write professionally isn’t as difficult as it might seem. A little proofreading and attention to detail is all that stands between a mediocre letter and one that impresses the CEO.

    The introduction of the Internet changed the way in which most businesses communicate. Emails have taken the place of memos or notes and must be designed to be read quickly. Email communications should have proper spelling and punctuation and should be free of any Internet shorthand, such as “LOL.” Keep the … Read the rest

  • Computer Skills for Seniors' Careers

    Computers have become overwhelmingly prevalent in current society. Senior citizens may have lived a large percentage of their lives without computers. But with the predominance of computers in virtually every facet of daily life, it’s almost impossible to avoid them. Consequently, seniors can and should learn the basics of computers. After exploring the world of computers, an older person might even decide to pursue a technological career. Adding computer knowledge and skills to a résumé can be an effective way to help gain employment.

    Mouse Exercises

    The mouse is one of the devices that enables a user to communicate with a computer. A mouse has two or three buttons that enable selection, moving, and opening items on a computer screen. By pointing the cursor at … Read the rest

  • Career Exploration Tools and Resources

    As you move through high school, you will probably begin to think more and more about the career you will choose. Ideally, the career you choose will involve something you feel passionate about. When a career focuses on both interests and skills, people usually succeed and feel rewarded as they work. It will naturally follow that your résumé will reflect your experience, skills, and interests as they pertain to your chosen career.

    Architecture, Planning, and Environmental Design

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  • Keyboarding Skills For Your Career

    Using a computer in today’s society is no longer just an option: It’s becoming mandatory for anyone who wishes to keep up with current technology. Teachers now require that students complete school work on a computer and hand in typewritten assignments. Professionals often complete tasks on a computer to streamline their work. To prepare for a career, students need touch-typing skills. Using a computer keyboard will benefit you both personally and professionally.

    A computer keyboard contains the basic typewriter keys that have long been the standard. This keyboard is known as the “QWERTY” keyboard because of the configuration of keys on the top row of letters. By learning these keys by touch, it’s no longer necessary to hunt for keys you want to enter by … Read the rest

  • Resume Resource Guide

    Resume Styles

    When writing a résumé, there are a number of styles to choose from. The job you are applying for will help determine what style of résumé will be best. For example, if you are looking at applying for a graphic design job, you will want to create a résumé that showcases your skills. You might use creative fonts, images, or even a background co [...]
  • Job Search Predictions for 2016

    The world of recruitment and hiring is a fast-paced and exciting field. One of the characteristics that makes it so interesting is that recruitment is constantly changing and evolving. Some of the trends emerging in the field from 2015 will continue into 2016. The Growing Importance of Quality of Hire Every organization subconsciously realizes that hiring the best a [...]
  • ResumeSamples.net Choose Your Future Scholarship

    Our site focuses on helping people start and grow their career. We understand the importance that education has on the success of ones career. We also understand the difficulties of obtaining a degree due to the cost of tuition, books, and the cost of living. In order to help make a college education more of a feasible opportunity we are offering a $1,000 scholarship to help a college stu [...]
  • Working Through Job and Career Burnout

    Has the thrill gone away? Does nothing about your job or even your career excite you? Do you find yourself always feeling a bit sick and looking for an excuse to go home early or take Friday’s off? Do even the things you do well leave you feeling indifferent? If this is the predominant way that you feel during the workday and even on your weekends then yo [...]