Bookkeeper Resume

Bookkeeper Resume Tips

1: Have An Objective

While the obvious goal of a bookkeeper is to monitor and improve a company’s financial standing, you can also impress hiring managers by committing yourself to brand growth or optimization. For example, you could mention your dream of “readying the company for the global economy” or “improving internal processes with 21st century strategies and software.”

2: Detail Your Skills

Are you experienced in double-entry bookkeeping that tracks spending habits much more efficiently than single-entry? Did you spend a year working for the IRS and come out of it with extensive knowledge in tax regulations and liabilities? It isn’t enough to simply list these skills and accomplishments with bullet points; you need to take the time to really explain what they’ll mean for the business that hires you.

3: Bank On Higher Authorities

While there are no degrees or licenses required to become a bookkeeper, you can get the edge on your competition by being better qualified and more highly educated. Mention your BA/BS in accounting or business management; list any certification you received from the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB) or the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers (NACPB).

4: Use The Lingo

Your skills section should include A/P and A/R. Your qualifications should boast proficiency in MS Excel and QuickBooks. As you describe your experience and work history, be sure to slip in jargon like “financial reconciliations” and “fixed assets.” All these phrases will function as laser-guided keywords for employers who are only skimming a pile of resumes.

5: Sell Your Work Ethic

Bookkeepers can wear a variety of hats over the course of their work day, including archivist, accountant, bank teller and financial analyst. You’ll need to establish yourself as someone who doesn’t mind the demands of multiple careers in one. Mention your “strong work ethic” and “commitment to excellence.” Talk about your 60-hour weeks as a point of pride.

Bookkeeper Job Description

Bookkeepers are responsible for the monitoring, analyzing and recording of a company’s financial transactions. Their duties include everything from payroll management to preparing financial statements, though their primary job is to balance all accounts so order is maintained and debts are never incurred.

As the financial liaison between action and record, bookkeepers are expected to coordinate with almost every branch of the company in order to get a complete picture of how money is being spent and saved. They’re also required to have a certain degree of administrative skill in addition to a knowledge of accounting.

Bookkeeper Resume Example

Work Experience

Charter Schools USA, North Lauderdale, FL (March 2011 to Present)

  • Enter all of the Facilities’ work orders
  • Calculate, prepare, and pay contractors as needed
  • Manage all insurance policies from enrollment to renewals
  • Billing for all programs (Before & After Care, Cheer, Sports, etc.)
  • Assist Teachers, Principal, Corporate with budget expenditures, revenue for planned events, curriculum, maintenance and supplies
  • Prepare, process and deposit all school revenue
  • Responsible for employee safety, health, and services files
  • Arrange in-house and external training activities
  • Arrange travel and prepare itineraries for Principal, Staff and Teachers

Miami Science Museum, Coconut Grove, FL (August 2006 to December 2010)

  • Created the budget for the Wild Life Center Hospital
  • Assist with budget expenditures and revenue reports
  • Create and manage purchase orders
  • Maintain filing system
  • Process/Approve timesheets
  • Responsible for vendor, Products, and Traveling Exhibits database entry
  • Review and process all invoices, prepare and send notices when needed
  • Prepare agendas and coordinate local and international financial meetings
  • Arrange travel and prepare itineraries for VP and Exhibits, Facilities & Public Programming staff

Interim Health Care, Hialeah, FL (March 2005 to July 2006)
Operations Manager

  • Accounts Payables and Receivables, petty cash reconciliation
  • Acted as Human Resources Representative: managing per diem and temporary staff; recruitment; Employee files; training; orientation; Background checks, verification of certificates, licenses, etc
  • Responsible for all office equipment maintenance & purchasing office supplies
  • Purchase all basic medical supplies as well as insurance authorized purchases
  • Schedule janitor service/facility repairs as needed
  • Open and edit patient files (including Medicare) for AHCA audits
  • Knowledgeable in ICD-9, proficient in physician coding, inpatient hospital coding, outpatient coding

FedEx Orange Bowl Committee, Hialeah, FL (October 2000 to January 2005)
Staff Accountant

  • Maintain all sponsorship contracts; process fulfillments
  • General accounting including: Accounts receivables, Payables, billing & collections, deposits, month-end-closing
  • Responsible for the maintenance of all office equipment
  • Responsible for purchasing office supplies and equipment


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Kaplan University