Business Analyst Resume

Business Analyst Resume Tips

Business analysts serve as an important link between a company’s dreams and its actual structures and system models. If you want to secure a job in the field, you’ll need these four resume tips to sell yourself as an expert in all areas of business management.

1: List Your Experience Immediately

This is one of the biggest considerations of a potential business analyst. How many years have you been doing the job? What companies have you raised from start-ups to international corporations? What brands did you have a hand in developing? Business analysts aren’t entry-level positions, so you need to establish yourself right away as someone who doesn’t need supervision, someone who can hit the ground running. You can’t overstate your experience enough.

2: Offer Proof of Certification

You don’t need any outside accreditation to become a business analyst, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. If you’re a Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP), your employer will understand that you’ve worked some 7000 hours in the field, because that’s one of the prerequisites of the title. You should also include a Certification of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA) or a general Business Analysis Certificate. Technical training is another plus; mention if you majored in something like computer science.

3: Explain Your Skills

Again, since there are no required exams to become a business analyst, it’s important that the HR department receives a full guide to your skills and talents. Talk about your history with ERP design development; explain your familiarity with MS Word and Oracle operations systems; list all the training scripts you’ve fashioned for company personnel and support staff. Management skills are also in great demand. Highlight your experience in overseeing focus groups or being in charge of a company’s requirements gathering.

4: Explain Your Personality

Since the success of a business analyst is often very dependent on their persuasive skills and the impression they can give to shareholders, this is one of the few jobs where it’s acceptable to list personality traits in the same manner as educational achievements. If you’ve charmed board members into becoming angel investors, say so. If you single-handedly revolutionized the IT department at your last company, talk about your innovation and problem-solving skills. Business analysts need to have great interpersonal skills to move between departments and wear as many hats as they do.

Business Analyst Job Description

Business analysts are managers or agents who are responsible for helping a company reach its objectives. Acting as a liaison between the technological and business sides of a brand, their duties include everything from developing data models to implementing new policies and programs. They also act as problem solvers when the company has issues with its technical systems or reaching its overall goals. Business analysts are expected to have a strong understanding of both the day-to-day activities that keep a company running and the underlying infrastructure that supports them.

Business Analyst Resume Example