Cashier Resume

Cashier Resume Tips

Being a cashier is all about being trustworthy. If you have a list of personal or business references that will attest to your trustworthiness in similar positions, be sure to list this at the bottom of your resume. There is no need to place it at the top; most potential employers will look for this anyway.

As a cashier, you must have basic math skills. Showcase this with a short listing detailing your education. If you are currently in school, make this listing first. Your employer will be quite happy to do business with someone who can give change and accept the correct amount of cash for every transaction – it will make his reports to superiors that much easier.

As a cashier, you must have basic communication skills. The first way to showcase this is to present a resume and a cover letter that are both free of grammar and spelling mistakes. There is nothing worse than listing Microsoft Word as a skill of yours and misspelling the text.

You should also showcase your communication skills through succinct and precise descriptions of relevant situations with previous companies. Do not drone on and on when you list your experiences. Get to the points that your employer will find most useful as quickly as possible.

As a cashier, you must have basic customer service skills. You will sometimes run into problems with disgruntled customers who simply start assailing you with questions because you are the first person that they see. Your employer needs to know that you can handle these situations with professionalism, which includes not leaving your post if there is no one to guard the cash register. Detailing a situation like this briefly on your resume is sometimes what separates you from the other applicants.

You may be expected to stay after hours in some cases, especially if there is something wrong with the day’s count. You should showcase a willingness to do whatever the company needs by listing an experience that required you to do so.

Cashier Job Description

The cashier will be responsible for organizing all funds received from transactions with customers and placing those funds into the cash register.

The cashier will keep receipts and match the day’s sales to the day’s receipts each shift before leaving the premises.

The cashier may be responsible for some customer service during busier office hours. As such, the cashier should have a basic knowledge of the placement of items in the storefront and above average communication skills.

Cashier Resume Example