Dental Assistant Resume

Dental Assistant Resume Tips

Dental assistants can greatly influence a patient’s overall experience in the chair, so dentists are careful and selective about who they hire to be their first contact with others. If you want to overcome their barriers and make a good impression, here are seven resume tips for dental assistants.

1: Do Your Research

What kind of X-ray equipment are they using? What tasks will you be expected to perform? Familiarize yourself with the clinic’s general operations, then tailor your resume to your audience.

2: List Even Obvious Skills

There aren’t a lot of national standards for dental assistant programs, so applicants are always a mixed bag in terms of what they do and don’t know. Make things easy for your prospective employer by offering bullet points of all the skills you possess right down to your ability to sterilize periodontal probes.

3: Emphasize Anesthesia Experience

Anesthetics are a tricky business, and many dentists won’t trust their assistants near the gas until they prove themselves. If you already have a background in anesthesia, they’ll be much more likely to put your resume at the top of the pile.

4: Highlight Your People Skills

As the ones settling in the patients and easing them into procedures, dental assistants are expected to have good customer service skills. Even listing a past retail job will show that you have a solid foundation in courtesy, patience and communication.

5: Don’t Flaunt Ambition

It’s acceptable to say that you want to expand your knowledge or sharpen your skills under the tutelage of an experienced dentist, but don’t let them think that you’re only using their practice as a stepping stone for something else. Don’t mention that you have plans to open your own offices some day or that you’re currently enrolled in another dentistry program.

6: Show Aptitude

Even if you’re fresh out of college, it’s important that you show competence in terms of dental practices and patient care. Busy dentists don’t have time to hold your hand and ease you into the job, so show them right away that you can follow directions, solve problems and use technical terms with ease.

7: Underline Time Management Training

High-volume dental offices can see dozens of patients a day. While the receptionists are the ones who will handle things like scheduling and appointment setting, if you can honestly say that you have similar experience, the boss will know that you understand the value of his time.

Dental Assistant Job Description

While not dentists in their own right, dental assistants are responsible for a variety of hands-on tasks in oral healthcare, including the scraping of teeth, the suctioning of mouths and the analysis of radiographs. Their primary responsibility is to ready the patient to be seen by the dentist. Dental assistants are also expected to show a friendly, personable face as representatives of the office. Dental assistants require a mix of technical and interpersonal skills to function effectively in their positions.

Dental Assistant Resume Example

Dental Assistant Resume Example