Electrician Resume

Electrician Resume Tips

1: Offer Experience First

Unless you’re specifically looking for an apprenticeship, most companies will want you to hit the ground running as an electrician. They don’t have the time or manpower to train you from the ground up. List your previous experience as one of the very first things on your resume if you want potential employers to know that you’re prepared for the challenge.

2: List Your Credentials

Electricians can have anywhere from two to ten years of electrical training, so be sure your employer knows where you fall on the spectrum. If you’ve obtained a journeyman’s license, say so. If you’ve taken courses certified by the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) or your local chapter of the Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC), list those too.

3: Showcase Your Skills

Do you have any specialties as an electrician? Do you have an artist’s imagination for drawing up blueprints, or have you spent a long time completing electromechanical repairs for a private industrial company? Are you good with implementing green energy ideas? Don’t be afraid to brag about any special skills you’ve developed over the years.

4: Be Budget-Minded

If you have a knack for reducing costs or increasing profits on the job, be sure to mention these skills under your “experience” or “skills” header. Electricity is an expensive necessity, so employers appreciate when you work with the bottom line in mind. Go into detail about projects where you’ve built new schematics or replaced old switchboards in order to cut costs.

5: Write Confidently

Use strong, dynamic language on your resume to inspire confidence in your attitude. For example, don’t weakly explain that you can use ammeters and voltmeters; use bold language to declare that you’re an expert in equipment selection and idea implementation. Electricians need to be comfortable making decisions and using tools without direct supervision.

6: Emphasize Safety

No boss wants a careless electrician who will cause lawsuits, so assure them right away that all your actions are undertaken with every safety protocols in mind. You’ll earn even more points if you can list any classes or workplace hazard programs you have gone through on your list of accomplishments.

Electrician Job Description

Electricians are responsible for the maintenance of electrical systems. They may be tasked with everything from installation to dismantlement, and their duties include but are not limited to fixing, testing, cleaning, circuiting and re-wiring all components of an electrical system and its fixtures. They’re expected to troubleshoot problems as well as prevent them. Depending on their employer, electricians can find themselves working on anything from the lighting of residential homes to large scale work for big company buildings.

Electrician Resume Example

Electrician Resume Example