Esthetician Resume

Esthetician Resume Tips

1. Emphasize Your Education

Not all estheticians have a formal education. If you graduated from beauty school or even hold a bachelor’s degree in an unrelated field, you can distinguish yourself from the competition by proving that you aren’t afraid of hard work in a professional setting. Hiring managers are always looking for people like this.

2. Show Off Your Qualifications

In addition to your cosmetology license, be sure to mention any other credentials that will establish you as an expert in skincare. For example, if you’re a member of the Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP), say so. If you’ve attended webinars from the Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners (AHSCP), mention those to.

3. List Your Accomplishments In Detail

Don’t just say that you create your own lotion. Explain that you “mix herbs and natural oils to create organic skincare creams that are now available under private labels.” If you’ve ever solved a client’s problem, go into specifics about that as well. You never just “stopped itching.” You “reduced flare-ups in 80 percent of patients suffering from eczema.”

4. Offer Niche Expertise

Where do you shine as an esthetician? Do women love your foto-facials? Do senior citizens flock to your chair because of your skill in banishing age spots? Try to sell yourself to potential employers as a specialist of some kind, even if it’s just in traditional areas like waxing, exfoliating or cleansing.

5. Describe Your Previous Work Environments

If you’re applying for a job at a busy spa, be sure to mention that your last position was at a high-traffic beauty salon. If you’re trying to break into an exclusive health club, stress all the personalized customer service you’ve offered at small boutiques. Make yourself seem right for the environment of the job as well as the open position itself.

6. Have Technical Skills

An attractive candidate can do their own filing, recording and money handling. You don’t need to be a technological whiz to be an esthetician, but knowing your way around a computer and cash register can really raise your estimation in the eyes of potential employers.

7. Be Personable

Estheticians have a great deal of interaction with the public, so hiring managers are looking for friendly faces and courteous demeanors. It’s all right to use an exclamation point or two in your resume. You can even give it a colored border or something else with a subtle flair. Just don’t go overboard with decoration: You want to have professionalism as well as personality.

Esthetician Job Description

Estheticians are personal care professionals who specialize in the cleansing, moisturizing and overall beautifying of the skin. They have a very hands-on job, often applying a variety of creams and lotions to approve the appearance of their clients’ skin. They might also be expected to provide facials, massages and other special treatments for anti-aging or pain relief procedures. Most estheticians work in spas or salons, but they can also find employment everywhere from health retreats to medical offices.

Work Experience

Eva Spa – Willowbrook, IL (May 2010 to Present)

  • Develop and maintain a robust clientele, with over 80% repeat clients
  • Perform customized facial procedures and all types of body waxing, including Brazilian
  • Schedule appointments and follow up with clients regarding results
  • Recommend individualized skin care regimens to each client
  • Responsible for maintaining a clean and professional spa environment

Eva Spa – Schaumburg, IL (May 2012 to September 2012)

  • Provided clients with a variety of facial and waxing procedures
  • Performed approximately twenty facials a week, in addition to waxing.
  • Actively consulted clients to address their needs and provide customized services
  • Efficiently maintained treatment rooms
  • In short time attracted a large number of loyal clients

ULTA – Kildeer, IL (June 2008 to July 2009)

  • Performed skin care treatments and waxing procedures, customizing according to ULTA protocols
  • Developed extensive knowledge of a large number of skin care lines, and maximized revenue streams by recommending and selling retail products
  • Quickly learned and excelled at new ULTA techniques and procedures
  • Grew and retained a large client base, with consistently scheduled appointments

Vilnius State Pharmacy (Lithuania) (February 1989 to January 2005)

  • Dispensed prescriptions and communicated with doctors who prescribed medicine to confirm the dosage
  • Provided sales support to three departments and educated patients on prescription medication, as well as skin care products, health supplements, herbal and natural health products
  • Conducted comprehensive, multi-day inventory on a regular basis
  • Supervised new pharmacy employees

Kaunas State Pharmacy (Lithuania) (July 1986 to January 1989)

  • Dispensed prescriptions and checked with doctors to confirm the dosage
  • Counseled patients on skin care and wellness products
  • Worked with patients on general health, sharing advice on using nonprescription remedies, health supplements, herbal and natural health products
  • Performed administrative tasks, keeping patient files up to date, making sure needed products are stocked
  • Conducted comprehensive inventory on a regular basis


International Skin Beauty Academy – Schaumburg, IL
Bachelor in Pharmacology – P. Mazylio Medical School