Executive Assistant Resume

Executive Assistant Resume Tips

Executive assistants are in great demand for high-level professionals, which means more job openings but also more competition for you. How can you make your resume stand out from the rest? Here are seven tips for drafting a smart, polished resume that will impress hiring managers and secure you an interview.

1: Put Your Experience First

If you’ve been an assistant before, that’s much more valuable than any degrees you’ve earned or training courses you’ve completed. Real-world experience is a hot commodity among busy professionals who don’t have time to break you into the job. Put your previous employers at the top of your resume.

2: Show Your Initiative

As an executive assistant, your job will be to anticipate your boss’s needs and read his mind whenever possible. Don’t be afraid to highlight on your resume the various ways you simplified and optimized your old employer’s life.

3: Don’t Namedrop

This might be seen as a breach of confidentiality by those who are sensitive about their image. They’ll wonder if you’ll go around flaunting their name if you ever get fired. You can be honest in your actual interview, but as far as your resume is concerned, just put “executive assistant to senior management”

4: Include Relevant Education

If you majored in physics but are currently working as an executive assistant, your potential employers will want to know why. Avoid seeming overqualified for the job. Just put your school name, years of attendance and graduation date.

5: Watch Your Wording

your employer wants someone confident in their ability to overcome challenges and juggle multiple responsibilities at once. Never use generic or tiresome phrases in your resume; focus on strong action verbs that are decisive and energetic.

6: Use Bullet Points

Your resume will be a tangible example of how you organize things. If you ramble in long, messy paragraphs, your boss might just assume that’s how you approach all aspects of your job. Keep your resume neat, orderly and easy to skim.

7: Do Your Research

If you’re hoping to get hired by the CEO of a coffee company, make sure you include your coffee-ordering capabilities in your list of skills. If he’s a religious man, mention your church volunteerism. Tailor your resume to the person and position that you seek.

Executive Assistant Job Description

Executive assistants offer personal and administrative support to top-tier professionals in a company or corporation. Often serving as the boss’s right hand, they may be asked to assume a variety of duties from the menial to the critical. Their job is to assist in the running of the company however their boss deems fit. Executive assistants require patience, intelligence and advanced problem-solving skills in order to think on their feet and anticipate the needs of their superiors.

Executive Assistant Resume Example

Executive Assistant Resume Example