Firefighter Resume

Firefighter Resume Tips

Making the decision to become a firefighter is one that takes dedication, courage and character. However, having these important attributes alone will not guarantee you a firefighting job. The reality is that this industry is highly competitive – with very little turnover. As such, your resume will have to include four key elements that are specifically relevant to being a firefighter which should help you land that valuable interview and allow you to showcase your passion for helping people.

Document Relevant Job Experience

A firefighter needs to be a well-rounded person that has the ability to think quickly on their feet, handle highly stressful situations and display uncanny team working skills. The best way to display this on your resume is by listing previous job experience where you displayed these critical attributes. For example; if you were an EMT, Emergency Room Technician or a Paramedic – those jobs are very relevant to being a firefighter. Also, previous military history is a very good previous job to showcase.

Include All Firefighter Related Certifications

If you’ve gone through firefighter training, one of the first things you were aware of was the detailed certifications that exist for this vocation. From Hazmat training to Airport Firefighter certifications, list every one that is relevant to firefighting – regardless of whether you intend to use it with the fire department where you are applying. The reason for this is two-fold:

  1. It shows the person reviewing the resume that you have extensive experience and can be trusted to accomplish assigned tasks.
  2. It displays dedication to being a firefighter – long term. With so many people trying to become a firefighter the more certifications you have will help you jump other candidates on the interview list.

List Factual Educational Details

Traditionally, the best source of education for being a firefighter is Real Life 101. There simply is no college or university that can train you to handle the life-threating stress of being a firefighter. However, this doesn’t mean that advanced education is not important to list on a resume. If you have specific vocational training, such as automotive, welding, or any other specific skill; make sure to list that on your education section. The reason is simple – the fire department always needs people with these individual skills. It provides you with more value. One thing that should never be done on a resume is exaggerating education. Just be honest, that’s always the best course of action.

Highlight Personal Achievements and Awards

Although being a firefighter is all about team work, on your resume it’s a smart idea to display your individual achievements and awards you’ve received – especially if they were in a leadership role. This section is the best place to jump over other candidates and to shine. Start by listing awards that were given for creative thinking and leadership first – as those are very relevant to the fire service. Keep this section short – yet filled with specifics. During the interview, you will be asked about these awards – and that will be your time to shine.

Firefighter Job Description

The primary function of any firefighter is to protect the community they work for from potentially dangerous situations and promote a positive environment of public safety. This includes responding and extinguishing building and house fires, responding to traffic accidents and general medical emergencies. The typical firefighter also participates in fire prevention activities such as inspections, equipment maintenance and continual training in every aspect of fire prevention, inspection.

Firefighter Resume Example

Work Experience

Kellog Brown & Root – Baghdad (2011 to December 2013)

  • Involved in all aspects of fire suppression and prevention including providing public service and responding to structure, aircraft and medical emergency calls in a timely manner.
  • Providing public awareness and training for Fire Prevention and Fire Safety awareness to both Civilian Contractors and D.O.S. Personnel.
  • Involved with Fire Inspections and teaching Proper Fire Extinguisher Application Methods.
  • First Responder level EMS Services

Orange County Fire and Rescue – Orlando, FL (2003 to 2010)

  • Designed and implemented an innovative National Fire Incident Reporting System compliant database to better organize and monitor reported incidents and action taken.
  • Unit Citation: Assisting in a civilian rescue during an apartment fire.
  • Provided and documented individualized patient care
  • Provided patient and personal safety, assists in patient assessments in conjunction with medication
  • Duties include: ACLS Services and Performance. Patient assessments, assists in maintaining airway patency, initiating IV therapy, ECG interpretations, dysrhythmia recognition, and defibrillation.

Bally Total Fitness – Orlando, FL (2000 to 2003)
Personal Trainer/Operations Manager

  • Initiated direct member interaction everyday ensured members were receiving the best possible service
  • Lead Personal Trainer and Program Director of the Personal Training Department: conducted and organized weight-loss programs for clients.
  • Hired, trained, disciplined, provided morale for team members and reduced absenteeism
  • Managed all club budgetary goals i.e. payroll, time management for all employees working in the personal training department, cleaning staff, daycare staff, front desk employees and ensured goals were met


AS in Medical Care – Valencia Community College

BS in Strength/Conditioning – Central Florida Fire Academy