Flight Attendant Resume

Flight Attendant Resume Tips

1: Assert Your Qualifications

Every flight attendant has an FAA Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency; you need that just to get through the door. But how many applicants are also members of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA)? How many have been trained in CPR/AED or disaster readiness? How many earned an associate’s degree in hospitality management? Use whatever certificates, licenses and accreditation you posses in order to get ahead.

2: Match Their Needs

What’s the airline looking for in a flight attendant? If they’re a prestigious company known for their luxurious first-class cabins, you’ll want to present yourself as a discreet and efficient valet. If they’re a budget brand aimed at vacationing families, you can impress them by offering a background in childcare.

3: Use Keywords From The Job Description

Not many airlines go through resumes by hand; most use a computerized system to weed through applicants without the right skills or training. Your carefully-crafted application will wind up right in the recycle bin if you aren’t using the lingo that your employer finds important. Go through the job description and identify words, phrases and acronyms that you can sprinkle through your resume to make it pop.

4: Be Personable

Flight attendants are allowed to show a little personality in their resume; as long as the overall tone is clean and professional. In fact, some airlines actually prize flight attendants who act like people over automatons. You could set yourself up as a gracious, charming and humorous employee when you dare to add a bit of personality to your resume.

5: List Your Skills

Again, it isn’t enough to simply declare yourself flight-ready by the FAA. Everyone else can say the same. If you want to impress your potential employer, make a list of the talents and accomplishments you brought to your previous position. For example, if you’re great at selling company-branded products during long flights, that’s something the airline will want to know.

Flight Attendant Job Description

Flight attendants are aircrew employees who are responsible for the safety and comfort of all passengers aboard. In addition to maintaining order in the event of an accident, they’re also expected to explain emergency protocols, conduct safety demonstrations and point out entrances and exits aboard the plane. Their secondary responsibilities are ones of customer service; flight attendants serve drinks, fetch pillows and promote the airline’s products. They usually work in groups on standard commercial-sized planes, though smaller aircraft might only require a single flight attendant.

Flight Attendant Resume Example

Work Experience

Republic Airlines – Indianapolis, IN (December 2009 to Present)
Flight Attendant

  • Familiarization with multiple company aircrafts including location and proper use of all onboard emergency equipment, preparation to perform first aid/CPR as required, and readiness to lead in emergency situations under direction of the aircraft captain
  • Enhance the customer experience through inflight service while maintaining cabin safety and security; attending to routine passenger comfort needs and ensuring cabin security after deplaning or crew change
  • Maintenance of company records and reporting flight irregularities including cabin disturbances or threats to flight safety and security
  • Mentoring new-hire flight attendants, helping them to develop customer service skills and perfecting cabin-security techniques

United Express, ExpressJet Airlines – Houston, TX (November 2006 to November 2009)
Flight Attendant

  • Implemented security procedures and demonstrations of safety measures
  • Comprehensive knowledge of flight and emergency procedures
  • Highly skilled ability to operate emergency equipment and render first aid

Envoy Airlines – Chicago, IL (August 2003 to September 2006)
Flight Attendant

  • Checked weight and balances of the aircraft, to ensure the aircraft is at its proper weight and balance to fly
  • Implemented daily operations to ensure that all passengers are safe and happy by following FAA regulations
  • Catered to passengers food and beverage requests by providing first class service, coach service, as well as assisting passengers with general questions behind the counter on the computers

United Airlines – Chicago, IL (January 2000┬áto August 2003)
Flight Attendant

  • Anticipated and assessed needs; assisted passengers with baggage and boarding
  • Oversaw work performance of flight crew during flights and consulted with cockpit and cabin crew for travel briefings
  • Planned and organized in-flight service flow and ensured safety and comfort of passengers
  • Collected payment for retail products and accounted for meals, beverages, and other supplies
  • Responsible for completing Medical, Safety, Passenger, and Onboard reports
  • Provided personal services to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers during flight
  • Assisted and prepared passengers for complications during take-off, landing, and in-flight turbulence

Holiday Inn – Hudson, OH (October 1996 to January 2000)
Front Desk Clerk

  • Responsible for greeting guests, retrieving reservation information, obtaining payment method and providing guest room keys
  • Assisted in the handling of customer complaints, concerns and questions
  • Relayed requests between hotel guests and various departments of the hotel
  • Created, confirmed, and canceled hotel reservations
  • Answered inquiries about hotel rates and available reservation dates


Associates in Business Management – Davenport University – Warren, MI