Lab Technician Resume

Work Experience

Advanced Measurement Technology Inc. – Oak Ridge, TN (August 2006 to April 2014)
Lab Technician

  • Manufacture of germanium radiation detector systems and associated electronic components.
  • Operate and maintain lithium evaporators for coating germanium detectors.
  • Sand, lap, clean and etch germanium material.
  • Perform preventative maintenance on evaporators and vacuum equipment.
  • Maximizing and scheduling of material through the production process.
  • Perform research and development process in coordination with engineering dept
  • Executed DOEs, validation builds, and engineering test protocols for technical transfer processes.
  • Maintain accurate data entry logs and quality control records.
  • Proficient in using multi able types of standard travelers and ELHR.
  • Extensive knowledge performing ‘proof of concept’ testing and destructive testing, using predetermined min and max control limits.
  • A strong understanding of general safety rules, GMPs, FDA / European agencies, and manufacturing procedures.
  • Responsible for ensuring that all laboratory equipment remain within there set preventative maintenance /calibration frequencies and do not fall out of tolerance.
  • Responsible for ensuring that the Bio-Hazard lab was always maintained and in a ‘ready’ state for clinical tours.
  • Operate machinery, dispose of hazardous materials, and interact with LabView based software systems used to control equipment / processes.

Texas Vet Lab, Inc – San Angelo, TX (October 2001 to July 2006)
Lab Technician

  • Perform cell and virus production using roller bottles and tissue culture flasks.
  • Identify common bovine bacteria using agar plates, indole and oxidase tests, and anti-sera.
  • Perform fast time PCR to diagnose bovine virus from cell cultures isolated from infected cow organs.
  • Extract DNA and RNA from cell cultures to perform PCR, RFLP and run electrophoresis gels.
  • Blend and fill viral vaccines for freeze drying.
  • Perform serum neutralizations on bovine serum to determine efficacy and potency of vaccines.
  • Conduct post vaccine production tests to determine vaccine is viable per USDA codes. This includes bacteria and mycoplasma sterility, potency, and percent moisture content.
  • Write and update SOPs, Batch Records, and forms needed in production.
  • Obtain white blood cell counts from whole blood samples using a Hemavet.
  • Determine TCID50 of virus.
  • Process blood and nasal swabs during efficacy challenges.
  • Perform ELISA testing for BVD virus.

Intel (Protingent) – Hillsboro, OR (March 1996 to May 2001)
Computer Technician

  • Responsible for the build, maintenance, and troubleshooting of lab computer systems (Servers) and network devices used in testing of wired networking products.
  • Exercised competence and hands-on experience in multiple operating systems and architecture based computers.
  • System builds, OS imaging, hardware, and software troubleshooting, basic networking, and upgrades for various desktop, workstation, and server platforms.
  • Assisted in various lab support activities, including light furniture moves, cable management, and safety audits.
  • Demonstrated hands-on experience in computer tech support, including hardware troubleshooting.
  • Advanced Microsoft OS installation and debugging skills, including networking and TCP/IP.
  • Linux / Unix installation and troubleshooting; problem solving.
  • Quickly adapted to changing priorities.


Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Sports Studies – Eastern Illinois University – Charleston, IL