Medical Assistant Resume

Medical Assistant Resume Tips

Behind every good doctor is a good medical assistant, but it isn’t always easy to secure these jobs in such a competitive market. Here are five tips for breaking into the field with a powerful resume.

1: Emphasize A Specialty

A common mistake of prospective medical assistants is trying to appear as a “jack of all trades” who can handle anything. Most employers would prefer someone with a specific skill set related to the position they’re offering, so build yourself up as that specialist. If you’re applying for a job in an orthopedic center, mention all the classes you took in sports medicine. If you’re eyeing a job in a nursing home, talk about your work as a former PCA.

2: List Your Certifications

Instead of just stating that you’re a qualified CMA/RMA, list all the exams or lesser titles you had to take on to get there. Did you receive accreditation from the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA)? How about American Medical Technologists (AMT)? Are you officially registered or certified as a practicing medical assistant? Don’t forget to include any training in first aid or emergency services.

3: Showcase Your Skills

Since there are no national standards for medical assistants, your employer will appreciate knowing exactly what you can do when you apply for a spot on their team. List every task and procedure you’re comfortable performing, like incisions, injections, anesthesia, autoclaving and EKGs. If you’re a registered phlebotomy technician, tack that on, too. This is your chance to establish yourself as an expert in a variety of minor medical procedures.

4: Excel At Interpersonal Relations

Not many medical assistants think of their job as a customer service position, but it’s essentially the truth. You’re the first contact a patient has with the clinic, so it’s up to you to set the tone as a pleasant, accommodating and compassionate one. You’re a brand representative. Make your resume as warm and friendly as you’d expect any customer service agent to be.

5: Offer Office Skills

Even if your primary duties will focus on medical care, it’s expected that you’ll also wind up doing a fair amount of clerical work. Use your resume to show that you’re prepared for this eventuality. Stress your experience in things like filing, faxing and bookkeeping; outline your qualifications for medical billing and coding. Include your WMP and your proficiency with spreadsheets or other computer documents.

Medical Assistant Job Description

Medical assistants are paraprofessionals who provide patient care and administrative support services for fully-qualified physicians. Their responsibilities may include everything from scheduling appointments to drawing blood, and they should be prepared to handle a variety of tasks in both a clinical and clerical setting. They typically serve multiple doctors at once, so being able to multitask is key. Most medical assistants work in outpatient facilities rather than full-scale hospitals.

Medical Assistant Resume Example