Office Assistant Resume

Office Assistant Resume Tips

Office assistants are the backbone of a successful and fast-growing company. But what measures can you take to secure your place in the corporate hierarchy? Here are six resume tips for office assistants.

1: Stress Relevant Education

Any kind of schooling will show that you’re smart and dedicated, but a degree in something related to administrative or secretarial science will also show that you’re qualified for the position you seek. Employers love a candidate who has devoted their life to office-related skills.

2: Be A Team Player

No business or practice is run by a single person, so be sure to talk about how easily you collaborate and take direction from others. Mention things like taking notes for meetings, contributing to group decisions or being the general office support for your entire floor.

3: List Technological Skills

As technology continues to advance, it’s more important for office assistants to know how to operate a variety of gadgets and programs. Highlight your proficiency with Excel, Outlook and MS Word or go into detail about your mastery of cloud networks among other things.

4: Display Good Time Management Skills

Offices are busy, bustling places, so assure the employer right away that you can keep pace. One useful trick is to group your resume by dates instead of categories. For example, if you spent last year being promoted to head administrative assistant while also completing your BA in library science, list them both under 2013’s accomplishments.

5: Show Initiative

Did your budget for office supplies cut overhead in half? Was your previous employer a victim of payroll fraud until you oversaw the installation of an automated time clock? Your job as an office assistant is to make your boss’s life easier, and initiative is much more valued than mindless obedience.

6: Reveal Bigger Dreams

It’s a common misconception that hiring managers don’t want entry-level applicants to show ambition. Most of them are aware that the economy has taken its toll on paraprofessionals, so it’s accepted and even encouraged for office assistants to want something more. Just make sure they know that your drive is firmly pointed towards internal promotion.

Office Assistant Job Description

An office assistant provides administrative support to a business, corporation or clinic. They may work directly for a senior executive or assist the entire office as needed. Their responsibilities can include everything from clerical work to day-to-day errands around the building, and they’re expected to have proficiency with computers, phone systems and office equipment like scanners and printers. Office assistants require an equal amount of people skills and administrative knowledge to function effectively in their position.

Office Assistant Resume Example

Office Assistant Resume Example