Preschool Teacher Resume

Preschool Teacher Resume Tips

1: List Core Competencies

If you want to impress your employer right away, start your resume by detailing your education and experience in a quick bulleted list. For example, if you’ve received a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, put it above your CPR/AED training and your three years of supplementary work as a nutritionist. You’ll prove your efficiency and inspire goodwill for not wasting time.

2: Detail Your Qualifications

There are no national exams for preschool teachers, only general licenses and degrees that can prove you’ve attended the appropriate early childhood education courses. That said, certain acronyms will highlight your dedication to the field. Offer a certificate from the Child Development Associate (CDA) if you can, or mention that you’re a licensed Child Care Professional (CCP) as decreed by the National Early Childhood Program Accreditation (NECPA).

3: Prove Your Love of Kids

It’s easy to profess a love for the little ones, but actions speak louder than words, so fill your “accomplishments” or “achievements” section with child-related activities like tutoring, nannying and volunteering for youth projects. It doesn’t matter if the activities weren’t strictly educational; the goal is to show that you’re comfortable working with children and that you have a long history of it.

4: Mention Your Physical Fitness

This isn’t something advertised by many preschool establishments, but running after children can be a physically demanding task, and employers tend to look more favorably on those who can handle it. Use the right buzzwords in your resume to prove that you understand this important but unspoken requirement, like saying that you’re “active” and “energetic” or “possess strong stamina.”

5: Include The Parents

One of your greatest assets as a teacher is understanding parents, especially those who are enrolling their children in school for the first time. Be sure to mention how closely you’ve worked with them in the past through jointly-approved curriculums or by hosting parent/teacher conferences. Schools love a teacher who can keep the parents happy.

Preschool Teacher Job Description

Preschool teachers are childhood educators who prepare young children for entrance into kindergarten and beyond. Their students are usually between the ages of 3-5, though depending on the school or childcare center, this range can vary. The primary goal of a preschool teacher is to instill concepts rather than facts; they’re expected to groom their students for group learning through collaboration, rule-following and appropriately-expressed social behavior. As such, preschool teachers require a working knowledge of child and behavioral psychology as well as strong interpersonal skills.

Preschool Teacher Resume Example

Work Experience

Delmar Gardens Child Development Center (May 2012 to Present)
Preschool Teacher

  • Gave age appropriate activities to children 3 to 5 years of age according to their curriculum.
  • Prepare lesson plans and interact with the children through play and direction.
  • Feed, clean and care for children according to their daily needs throughout the day.
  • Involved with crafts, lessons, dancing, story time, outside play, grand friend time.
  • Communicate with parents on a daily basis verbally and through daily reports
  • Ensure the proper order of the classrooms and locking up of the center for the day.

Kindercare Learning Center – Hazelwood, MO (August 2008 to December 2009)
Toddler II Teacher

  • Teaching age appropriate activities to babies 18 months up to 2 years of age according to their curriculum.
  • Preparing lesson plans and interacting with children in fun ways such as story telling and singing.
  • Produced head count reports every half hour, daily reports to convey the child’s daily activities and habits, and accident reports when necessary.
  • Communicating with parents on a daily basis in order to provided them with updates on there child’s progress and daily activities as well as help to resolve any issues or concerns the parents may have.

Children’s World Learning Center – Hazelwood, MO (October 2007 to August 2008)
Preschool Teacher

  • Creating and teaching age appropriate curriculums
  • Designing fun and exciting teaching methods in order to capture the children’s interests and keep them attentive throughout class time.
  • Instilling certain values into the children such as caring for others, respect, love, and manners. Children were also taught how to be courteous to one and other as well as to their parents and other adults.

Tender Care Learning Center – Hazelwood, MO (January 2006 to June 2007)
Preschool Teacher

  • The complete creation of lesson plans based on years of past experience in childcare. These lesson plans were designed to gain a child’s interest in learning and maintain it throughout the day. They were also geared toward increasing a Childs attentiveness and creativity in the classroom.
  • Preparing the children for their transition into kindergarten by providing them with the correct skill sets needed such as communication and interaction skills.
  • Maintaining constant communication with the children’s parents and relaying any progress or concerns that may present itself.

Candlelight Day Care Center – Hazelwood, MO (January 2000 to January 2006)
Preschool and Pre-kindergarten Teacher

  • Constructed weekly age appropriate lesson plans for 4 & 5 year olds in order to prepare them for kindergarten.
  • The creation of various learning centers within the teaching environment. These centers included reading, writing, math, science, dramatic play, etc
  • Incorporated a daily health lesson in the classroom that included time for exercise and play.
  • The incorporation of a Friday folder which allowed parents to view their children’s weekly progress as well as see what their children had been working on throughout the week such as homework, book reports, and various daily activities.

Macy’s – Brentwood, MO (January 1982 to January 1988)
Sales Associate

  • Worked with commission based clothing sales.
  • Interacted daily with customers while providing them with the best level of service possible.
  • Assisted with weekly supply tracking and stocking.


High School Diploma – Wentzville Senior High – Wentzville, MO