Project Manager Resume

Project Manager Resume Tips

1. Be Specific

Project managers can have a wide variety of skills depending on their industry. For example, software project managers might speak in programming languages while industrial project managers know all about the operation of heavy machinery. Be as detailed as possible when talking about your talents. Don’t assume that just calling yourself a “project manager” will tell employers what they need to know.

2. Emphasize Your Clerical Skills

Being a project manager means dealing with a lot of paperwork, and if you can prove yourself as someone who doesn’t need a secretary to get it done, you’ll put yourself a step ahead of applicants who do have that weaknesses. Mention your skills with CRM and ERP software. Stress your ability to work comfortably with Windows, Macs and Unix. Talk about blueprints, schedules and budgetary reports.

3. Highlight Your Qualifications

Since there are no licenses to prove your competency as a project manager, it’s important to showcase your credentials to prove your worth. Mention your degree in business, finance or computer science; stress your technical certifications in both your resume and your cover letter; list all of the expos and technical conferences you’ve attended in your chosen field. If you lack any impressive designations to throw their way, talk repeatedly about your X years of real-world experience.

4. Show Leadership Skills

Project managers aren’t entry-level employees. They’re expected to have both the experience and confidence necessary to lead teams, negotiate with vendors and work effectively with a variety of staff. If you’ve ever done any of these things before, make sure you mention them on your resume. You might also want to include words like “leader,” “overseer” and “initiator.” Establish that you won’t need your hand held at your new job.

5. Mention Budgets

Are you a whiz at ending projects under budget? Did you reduce annual expenses or cash flow problems at your previous company? Money is an ever-present concern no matter what field you work in, so if you can show hiring managers that you work effectively within the confines of your allowance, you’ll make yourself a very attractive candidate.

6. Focus on Results

The purpose of a project manager is to get things done. Instead of using your resume to brag about everything you’ve achieved over the years, shift the emphasis to the results of those efforts. Describe them in terms of the benefits they had to their companies. Turn every accomplishment into something that brought value to your previous bosses.

Project Manager Job Description

Project managers are responsible for the creation, implementation and operation of various projects. While their exact duties will vary depending on their industry, they’re generally expected to act as overseers with specific goals, meaning that they can expect to lead teams, collect project resources, determine work plans, create schedules, mediate conflicts and execute developmental ideas. Project managers should have a strong eye for detail and a good head for plans. They should expect to work beyond the confines of a typical 9-to-5 job.

Project Manager Resume Example