Registered Nurse Resume

Registered Nurse Resume Tips

1: Offer A Qualifications Summary

The very first thing on your resume should be a list of your licenses, certifications and other accreditation as a registered nurse. For example, you might include your bachelor’s degree in nursing or your exam results from the NCLEX-RN. You aren’t applying for an entry-level position, so your qualifications should reflect that.

2: Describe Your Previous Place Of Employment

Where have you worked in the past? Have you been based in hospitals, outpatient facilities, rehab clinics or nursing homes? Your experience in different environments will have a huge impact on how you’re seen by potential employers, especially if you’re applying for a position somewhere similar.

3: Detail Your Expertise

If you’ve specialized in any particular healthcare field, like pediatrics, anesthesia or critical care, this is the place to mention it. You should also make a list of equipment you’re qualified to use and lab procedures you’re comfortable performing. Because so many registered nurses have different skill sets, you’ll want to display yours in full.

4: Namedrop Important Titles

Let certain acronyms stand out on your resume. Talk about your certification from the ANA; mention your research into and compliance with JCAHO standards. Not only will these letters pop off the page, but if your employer is digitally searching for certain keywords, yours will trigger their attention.

5: Show Your Commitment

Being a registered nurse isn’t a 9-to-5 job, so show your boss that you’re devoted to the field even off the clock. Explain how you’ve served on medical boards or patient advocacy committees. List the workshops you’ve attended and the volunteer work you’ve done at nursing seminars or community college programs.

6: Display Leadership Qualities

As a registered nurse, it will be your duty to supervise certified nursing assistants (CNAs) and even licensed practical nurses (LPNs). Prove that you’re ready for the responsibility by detailing your leadership experience. Use exact numbers whenever possible: The more people who were under your wing, the more you’ll establish yourself as a nursing authority.

Registered Nurse Job Description

Registered nurses (RNs) are certified healthcare professionals who work under doctors and above medical assistants. They’re expected to provide all the typical care associated with nursing jobs, including patient examinations, diagnostics and medication administration, while also supervising the support staff and keeping the office in working order. They might be asked to perform clerical duties on top of medical ones, so administrative skills are a necessity. Registered nurses can be employed everywhere from sports clinics to ambulatory care centers.

Registered Nurse Resume Example

Registered Nurse Resume Example