Research Analyst Resume

Work Experience

Intouch Solutions – Overland Park, KS (2010 to Present)
Research Analyst

  • Responsible for deep dive analyses and visualizations to inform clients of the result of their marketing efforts (digital sales material) by identifying trends, providing insights, and delivering actionable recommendations based on available analytics data.
  • Test and investigate the methodology of data collection of the analytics software, and create a new process for data processing and reporting in order to minimize noise in the data.
  • Establish standardized methodologies to ensure data integrity, including documentation of the data collection procedure, query writing rules, and data QA.
  • Assemble and quantify tacit organizational knowledge into presentations and report highlighting trends and best practices for mobile applications. This resulted in the company defining an entirely new strategic development process for one of our biggest client’s applications.
  • Develop new and better analytical approaches to improve analytics service offerings, such as creating and visualizing KPIs and statistical benchmarks for the brand and industry.
  • Create Powerpoint templates for annual reports, customized existing excel template with formulas to automate report production, reducing human error.
  • Provide technical supervision and guidance regarding tool and dashboard refinement to colleagues including senior analysts.
  • Train interns, colleagues and account teams on fundamental concepts of analytics, data collection, reporting, and data QA.
  • Proactively communicate with account teams to gain understanding of the client and to keep things up-to-date.

Dogs Bollocks – Los Angeles, CA (1999 to 2010)
Research Analyst

  • Started the social media side of the business and grew it into a $500,000 business in under two years
  • Created business development reports for clients on an as needed basis. These reports aided clients in delivering market insights and trends and were detrimental to successful product launches.
  • Strategic regional and market insights helped major clients better promote and sell existing and new products
  • Provided in-depth advertising campaign analysis, helping clients reach their full advertising potential.
  • Worked closely with a variety of top tier clients in the automotive industry, energy drink industry and motion picture industry
  • Delivered key insights and reporting to all clients in person on a monthly basis.
  • Successfully reformatted and introduced a new, more visual, companywide reporting layout
  • Introduced cutting edge social listening tools to the company, resulting in the use of top listening platforms such as Crimson Hexagon
  • Monitored all brands on a daily basis to ensure all marketing campaigns were being run with the brands’ best interests.

M&P Enterprises (1991 to 1999)
Research Analyst

  • Devised many new data management processes for individual tasks and transactions using a variety of software: (Access, Excel, and SQL). This required the writing of numerous queries for report creation and data analysis. A major project accomplished was the creation of a customer tracking database using primarily MS Office software.
  • Tracked and stored customer information in large datasets. These developments lead to an increase in customer records by 20%.
  • Developed and managed numerous data sources concerning competitor products.
  • Performed analysis and product development for the sixth largest fixed annuity provider in the United States.
  • Developed high level reports concerning competitiveness over numerous ING international entities including Asia, Europe, and South America.
  • Worked closely with upper management on the completion of numerous projects requiring many different categories of analysis.
  • Analyzed or created responses to data mining requests, and suggested improvements for these processes.
  • Produced diagram flows and test cases for business analysis.
  • Managed all aspects concerning competitor product and contact information.


B.S. in Political Science & American Ethnic Studies – Kansas State University