Research Scientist Resume

Work Experience

Teledyne Scientific – Thousand Oaks, CA (November 2004 to Present)
Research Scientist

  • Designed and implemented computational biophysics study of protein- membrane binding at cell-cell adhesions
  • Direct experimental work of biochemists at the University of Illinois at Chicago (ongoing)
  • Worked with team of biochemists at Cornell University, Ithaca to extend biophysical model of HIV to include protein-protein interactions, providing a more complete view of retrovirus assembly, leading to a publication
  • Analyze genomes of 25 organisms using bioinformatics in order to explore evolution of animal cell-cell adhesion, which is deregulated in cancer
  • Demonstrated importance of specific protein families to adhesion; submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal
  • Designed and executed bioinformatics study to elucidate the evolutionary origins of the interaction between two cancer genes involved in cell-cell adhesion
  • Manage team of cell biologists at the Mechano-Biology Institute, Singapore to test hypotheses (ongoing)
  • Structurally analyzed data set of >600 cell-cell adhesion proteins generated by proteomics at the Mechano-Biology Institute, yielding >2000 testable hypothesis; submitted for publication
  • Partnered with academia and 1st-tier system integrator to develop and mature broadband acoustic abatement technology into acoustic liner and advanced composite structures.
  • Provide Technical Support and expertise in the areas of vibrations, acoustics and shock environments to assure the integrity of airborne opto-mechanical device.
  • Developed passive isolation and tuned-mass-damper systems for vibration and shock mitigation.
  • Performed extensive parametric studies and interacted with multidisciplinary team members to develop test plans.

Department of Chemical & Environmental Engineering – Toledo, OH (August 1994 to October 2004)
Research Scientist

  • Supported development of morph-able ceramic composite skin and morphing structures for hypersonic flight.
  • Developed FE models of reinforced textile composite for high temperature environment.
  • Developed shape-morphing structure with optimal actuator placement to achieve desired morphing flow path.
  • Developed transistor-scale electrical-thermal coupled simulation solvers (in Matlab/C++) based on hybrid analytical/finite element approach for compound semiconductor system. Achieved 2-order of time reduction, compared with FEA-only approach.
  • Delivered solver tools to government (DARPA, AFRL) and other performing teams.
  • Developed novel high damping vibration suppression TECHNOLOGY with comprehensive simulations, and extensive dynamic testing for verification.
  • Performed FE thermal- structural analysis and designed MEMS vapor chamber to sustain structural integrity and maintaining optimal thermal performances.
  • Designed, simulated, and fabricated prototype structures for used in amphibious assault ships to dissipate exhaust heat from F35B and sustain impact loads.
  • Developed internal structural and optimized to reduce weight. Assumed leadership role in major structural analysis, fabrication, and assembly; interacted with first-tier ship builder for platform integration.
  • Quiet Submarine Maneuvering with Nastic Actuator Array I & II – (DARPA)
  • Liaised with academia to mature NOVEL electrochemical actuator technology for aggressive program metrics.
  • Inserted nastic actuators into proprietary morphing surface design for DoD mission critical application (quiet submarine maneuvering).
  • Developed multidisciplinary computational tools coupling computation fluid dynamic and computation structural nonlinear FE solvers to simulate helicopter blades and acoustic responses.
  • Developed proprietary reduced order model algorithms to transform system matrices of FE models into compact models and implemented in NASTRAN DMAP and ANSYS APDLMath.

SuGanit Systems Inc – Toledo, OH (January 1984 to July 1994)
Research Scientist

  • Worked on projects for the development of advanced renewable fuels, chemicals and materials from lignocellulosic biomass, lignin, sugars, organic acids and alcohols.
  • Validated and optimized separation steps from bench scale to pilot scale.
  • Developed biological and chemical catalytic platforms for biomass conversion to valuable products.
  • Designed and implemented critical experiments for process scale up & optimization involving biomass ionic liquid pretreatment, ionic liquid recovery/reuse, enzymatic hydrolysis, fermentation, chemical catalysis, product separation and purification.
  • Evaluated and implemented alternative techniques for cost reduction.
  • Developed overall PFDs and PIDs for process automation configuration.
  • Performed material and energy balances, process simulation and cost estimation.
  • Conducted homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis in aqueous/ionic liquid media.
  • Developed, synthesized and studied new ionic liquids for efficient biomass pretreatment.
  • Studied the mechanism of ionic liquid pretreatment process for lignocellulosic biomass substrates.
  • Investigated structural and morphological changes of biomass during IL-pretreatment: biomass swelling, dissolution, delignification and cellulose.
  • Established optimized IL-pretreatment parameters for efficient production of monomeric sugars from agricultural residues, forest residues, hard woods and herbaceous energy crops.
  • Developed analytical methods and protocols for quantification and characterization of products derived from biomass conversion processes.
  • Successfully collaborated in writing several grant proposals, technical reports, and SOP’s.
  • Managed and mentored technicians, research interns and research associates.


Ph.D. in Chemical & Environmental Engineering – University of Toledo – Toledo, OH
Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering – Andhra University – Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh