Sales Associate Resume

Sales Associate Resume Tips

Retail is one of the steadiest industries in the world, but because of that ubiquity, you’ll need to do everything in your power to stand out as an exceptional sales associate. Here are six tips for putting together a high-quality resume for sales associates.

1: Be an Extrovert

You need great people skills to be a sales associate. Not only will you function as a greeter for customers, but you’ll also be expected to work as part of a team behind the scenes. Mention in your resume all the programs you started at work or the profit sharing groups you joined. This will speak to your sense of community and cooperation.

2: List Interesting Skills

While it’s always worth a mention if you have cash handling experience, the truth is that such skills are the bare bones of retail work. Instead of offering conventional talents, list unique ones that your employer won’t see every day, like cleaning the store, building product displays and comparison shopping at competitors.

3: Include Dates and Numbers

In the same vein as the above, if you can show an aptitude for numbers, you’ll be that much more likely to receive a callback. Numbers also suggest accuracy and attention to detail. Which sounds better: “Improved lipstick sales” or “Boosted cosmetic revenue by 25 percent in May-August 2013”?

4: Be A Promoter

As a sales associate, part of your job will involve things like advertising sales and talking up loyalty programs. You aren’t meant to be a mindless drone standing at the cash register. Show your boss that you understand the difference by going into detail about the quotas you’ve exceeded and the sales awards you’ve won.

5: Mention Any Loss Prevention Training

Loss prevention is a constant struggle in the retail business, so let your employer know that you understand its seriousness and are prepared to face its challenges. If you’ve ever caught shoplifters or worked in tandem with security guards, now is the time to boast.

6: Go The Extra Mile

Since many retail jobs are entry-level positions, bosses are used to unmotivated, unenthusiastic employees who are only there to collect a paycheck. Break the mold by establishing yourself as someone who genuinely cares about sales. Have you ever attended a financial workshop? Did you job ever involve national conferences calls for sales talks? Mention them all.

Sales Associate Job Description

Sales associates are primarily responsible for selling the goods of the brand they represent. Other duties might include promoting products, handling a cash register or troubleshooting problems and complaints from customers.

As the face of their store, sale associates are also expected to use good customer service skills to establish and maintain relations with visitors. Their goal is to keep customers happy in addition to meeting quotas and contributing to the overall profitability of the business.

Sales Associate Resume Example

Sales Associate Resume Example