Sales Manager Resume

Sales Manager Resume Tips

1: Talk Up Your Experience

Even if you’ve never held the title of “sales manager” before, there’s a good chance you’ve juggled some of the same responsibilities while training as an associate or earning your business administration degree. Include all relevant education, experience and certification on your resume, even that which you gained in a classroom or as a new employee listening in on conference calls.

2: Talk About Expansion

How far have you taken previous companies? Did you fund a marketing campaign that went viral, or did the company branch out into other states while you were there? Was the brand pushed into new territories or industries? Businesses are always looking for global opportunities, so paint yourself as an innovator and risk-tasker with a golden touch for sales.

3: Be Personable

Sales managers need exceptional interpersonal skills in order to persuade clients, negotiate with vendors and lead business meetings in front of senior executives and shareholders. Don’t be afraid to mention your charm as a legitimate talent. You should also explain the ways your communication skills have benefited past employers, like the way you successfully pitched a expansion project or brought over three angel investors after a trade show.

4: Use The Right Buzzwords

Employers are naturally drawn to certain words in the resumes of managerial candidates. For example, they like to see “leader,” “visionary” and “award-winning.” As part of the sales industry, they also browse for “B2B” and “CRM.” Sprinkling these keywords into an already impressive resume will show your boss that you’re in the know regarding terminology and procedures common to the position.

5: Close It

Closing strategies are extremely valuable, so go into detail about all the ways you’ve closed various clients, up-sold your company’s products or facilitated eleventh-hour deals. Bosses like an employee who can see things through, especially when they’re in a position of authority, like sales managers.

Sales Manager Job Description

Sales managers are responsible for the profits and incomes of a business. Their duties include everything from implementing sales techniques to testing new pricing strategies, all of them with the goal of increasing revenue or improving the company’s financial standing. To serve this objective, they also keep an eye on the trends, upswings and competitors of the market. As employees in a supervisory position, sales managers are expected to recruit and train junior staff into meeting quotas and exceeding project limits. They may answer directly to certain departments or work as a freelance agent within the entire company.

Sales Manager Resume Example

Work Experience

Lee Distributors, New York, NY (September 2009 to Present)
Sales Manager

  • Created a sales strategy for a 9-member team; led business planning and account development goals
  • Managed, coached and developed a sales team of one supervisor, 7 sales reps, and one sales trainee.
  • Developed a focused sales plan to advance sales teams’ knowledge, selling skills, administrative capabilities, and frequency target objectives. Developed monthly sales, distribution and KPI goals.
  • Managed, trained and developed our set team department of 2 supervisors and one analyst.
  • Responsible for making all monthly chain calls to all buyers and DM’s for all C-Store Chain accounts. Also responsible for building and maintaining those relationships.
  • Executed call plans and reviewed sales reports to analyze account trends to ensure the alignment of sales performance and sell through results.
  • Responsible for getting the set captain position for Kangaroo for the Charleston/ Hilton Head market by gaining a strong relationship with the buyer Bob Gulley.
  • Revamped pricing strategies to grow revenue for 2013.
  • Presented market-specific sales presentations to capitalize on opportunities that resulted in a 6% growth for 2013.
  • Took over a department with negative trends and made it the top performing department in the company for the last 4 yrs.

JX Industries, Charleston, SC (August 2005 to September 2009)
Sales Manager

  • Managed a team of 4 sales reps, and the Draft/Special events department of 5 people. Instrumental in adding a 4th rep to increase sales and revenue by doing so.
  • Achieved Monthly and quarterly goals through focus on account growth, on-site visits, staff training, and in store promotions Development of monthly sales, distribution goals and monthly KPI’s.
  • Evaluated and developed account plans, managed distribution, market penetration and growth of new brands acquired in the acquisition of RNDC new craft brands.
  • Developed the sales team to get all reps and myself Cicerone certified.
  • Won the Guinness Quality assurance award 3 years in a row.

Suggs, New York, NY (October 2001 to August 2005)
Sales Manager

  • Successfully managed a team of 6 sales reps and one sales support.
  • Consistently let all formats in the KPI’s under new system and management.
  • Positively executed all changes in new strategies from new system from the Reyes Holdings buyout.
  • Increased margin per case from 2.95 to 3.25 in first year.
  • Increased sales by 257,000 cases and 6%
  • Responsible for all hiring, firing, training and developing of all merchandisers.
  • Developed the planning, routing and scheduling of sales reps and merchandisers.

GoTime LLC, New York, NY (June 1999 to August 2001)
Area Sales Representative

  • Performed above expectation to grow a negative trend region.
  • Responsible for working with drivers and merchandisers to ensure displays and product were to company policy and favorable position.
  • Responsible for sales and distribution of all new products.


MBA in Global Management – University of Phoenix – Houston, TX