Secretary Resume

Secretary Resume Tips

1: Talk About Time Management

The job of a secretary is to make their boss’s life easier, and in today’s fast-paced economy, that means scheduling appointments, planning lunches and booking flights with organization and efficiency. Don’t be afraid to talk about all the ways you helped your previous employer juggle his calendar. The more you did for him, the more you can do for your next boss, too.

2: Know Your Software

Every secretary worth their salt knows how to operate MS Word and Excel, but fewer are familiar with the intricacies of enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM) software. Being able to handle a phone system is also a plus. Show off everything you’re capable of to leave your boss with the impression that you can handle it all.

3: Show An Aptitude For Communication

Secretaries spend a lot of time booking appointments, coordinating with clients and interacting with support staff, so no one will want to hire a secretary who can’t articulate well. Be sure to mention your “excellent verbal and written communication skills” on your resume, and put them into practice by using bullet points and expressing all your information neatly and concisely.

4: List Your Training

What experience do you have as a secretary? Even if you haven’t worked in an actual office environment, if you can show that you’ve taken secretarial courses or obtained an associate’s degree in administrative management, your employer will see that you’re serious about working in the field. You can prove that you aren’t just looking for a cushy job answering phones.

The key is to tailor it towards the position you seek, customizing it depending on your boss’s needs and expectations. Don’t submit a generic resume and expect to get hired.

Secretary Job Description

Secretaries are clerical administrators who typically work in an office environment. Their job is a supportive one, often working directly for a senior executive but sometimes handling the affairs of an entire team. The responsibilities of a secretary are mostly clerical, including organizing files, making travel arrangements and recording the minutes of business meetings, but they’re also expected to work with clients in terms of answering phones and setting appointments. Their duties may overlap with those of a medical assistant or paralegal depending on their place of employment.

Secretary Resume Example

Secretary Resume Example