Security Guard Resume

Security Guard Resume Tips

1: Use Familiar Names

Before you submit your resume, do your research and determine whose jurisdiction the building falls under or what hospitals are only 10 minutes away in case of an emergency. Then you can explain that you took CPR classes from Methodist North or that you worked one summer as a dispatcher at the 5th Precinct. If you don’t have any such experience, sign up for a class right then and note that your training is “pending.”

2: List Your Certifications

Since each state has their own licensing requirements, it’s a good idea to explain on your resume just what your training entailed. For example, security guards in Virginia must receive handgun training to become certified, but if you recently moved to Tennessee, your boss may not know you have that ability since it wasn’t on his state’s test.

3: Show Your Integrity

Your job as a security guard may put you in charge of valuable assets or multimillion dollar buildings. It’s important that your boss believes in your honesty, dependability and strength of character, so highlight any relevant background that paints you in a trustworthy light. If you’ve ever done volunteer work, include that under “special accomplishments.” If you teach Sunday school, add that to “other skills.”

4: Include The Extras

In the same vein as the above, don’t shy away from listing all the reasons you would make an excellent security guard. Your IT skills may come in handy for computer monitoring systems; your high school wrestling experience may mean the difference between an armed gunman fleeing the scene or leaving the premises in handcuffs. If you think it may add value, list it.

5: Be Humble

While you might dream of booting a thief out the door, your boss is more likely to appreciate a quiet word and an undramatic scene that won’t negatively impact their business. Stress the fact that you’re trained in discretion and silent observation. Don’t ever gloat about arrests or chases. Instead, frame all your valiant deeds as “prudent conflict resolution” and “without attracting unneeded attention.”

Security Guard Job Description

Security guards are tasked with the protection of people and places. They sustain a safe environment for all employees, customers and visitors by patrolling the grounds and monitoring surveillance equipment in the event of an emergency. They may also be expected to control access points and/or permit entry only to certain guests.

As the first line of defense against danger, security guards must be physically fit and psychologically capable of coping with stressful or unexpected situations. They may be employed by both companies and individual property owners.

Security Guard Resume Example

Security Guard Resume Example