Software Engineer Resume

Software Engineer Resume Tips

With starting salaries approaching $75,000 per year and a job growth rate of 32 percent per year through 2018, the possibilities are endless for those wanting to enter this field. However, to get one’s dream job requires having a resume that will wow an employer. To make sure they’ve got the best possible resume, here are some tips software engineers should use when writing their resume.

Online Portfolio

Software engineers should always include a link on their resume to their online portfolio, letting employers see firsthand how they are capable of using their skills. Using sites such as GitHub or BitBucket to build a portfolio is a great way to showcase one’s skills for a potential employer.

Show Your Diversity

The best software engineers are capable of completing very diverse projects, so showing one’s ability to handle a wide variety of projects over a period of time can make the difference when it comes to landing a job. Be sure to only include your best work, which will in turn make an employer want to find out more about you and your accomplishments.

Make it Clear and Concise

The best resumes are those that are clear and concise, showing the employer exactly what you’ve done and how you’ve done it. Software engineers need to be able to show the active contributions they’ve made to projects, which will demonstrate how their skills and abilities have translated to the job. Giving examples of writing clear and concise code with documentation, along with descriptions of each project, will go far in impressing employers.

Utilities and Tools

Employers love to see exactly what you’ve done, and engineers who have written utilities, tools or plug-ins on projects always have a leg up on the competition. Employers love to see that you have a passion for your job and a willingness to collaborate with others, and this will help you accomplish both.

Software Engineer Job Description

Software engineers design, develop and test software in organizations or businesses. They also configure and manage information systems, and are responsible for developing and maintaining internet, intranet and other web applications. By analyzing user-specific needs, software engineers use various programming languages and other quality assurance measures to develop business and systems software, along with other specialized applications.

Most engineers have a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems, with some possessing a master’s degree in computer science or business administration. Software engineers typically work 40 hours per week in comfortable offices, though overtime may be required when developing new applications or when problems arise. Some engineers are able to telecommute to their jobs, but most work on-site and are rarely exposed to hazardous conditions.

Software Engineer Resume Example

Software Engineer Resume Example