Truck Driver Resume

Truck Driver Resume Tips

As demands and restrictions on truck drivers continue to grow, it becomes harder and harder to break into the industry and secure a steady job. That said, it isn’t an impossible endeavor as long as you know the tricks. Here are six steps towards building a resume that will get you behind the wheel in no time.

1: Highlight Your Accomplishments

Not many awards are handed out to truck drivers, so make the most of what you’ve been given. If you’ve been employee of the month three times in a row, say so. If you received a bonus for meeting an annual delivery quota, include that too. Draw particular attention to any raises or promotions you were offered for outstanding service over the years.

2: Flex Your Muscles

Physical fitness is a tricky area that most employees can’t ask about directly for fear of violating discrimination laws. You can save them a lot of effort by explaining right away that you’re a volunteer martial arts instructor capable of unloading trucks, transporting cargo and lifting 100+ pounds.

3: Talk About Your License

Different truck drivers are required to have different licenses, so don’t take for granted that your CDL will get you in the door. You might be expected to operate vehicles in various classes, or hiring managers may be looking for someone with a CDL-A or CDL-C specifically.

4: Offer A Clean Driving Record

It isn’t actually a necessity for truck drivers to have impeccable driving records, so you can make yourself stand out right away by explaining that you’ve never been ticketed. It might also be helpful to mention your compliance with DOT protocols and safety procedures.

5: Overcome Hardships

The life of a truck driver can be a hazardous one. If you have experience navigating road blocks or driving through hail storms, you can prove that you’re ready to handle whatever the roads throw at you. Be sure to mention that all your cargo arrived safely and on-time after your difficulties.

6: Display Strong Organizational Skills

Most truck drivers are responsible for charting their own routes, and this means you’ll need to understand maps, interstates, detours and the ins and outs of GPS navigation. Mention all of the above as part of your skills or abilities. Make the list neat, concise and bulleted so you can convey a sense of organization and attention to detail.

Truck Driver Job Description

Truck drivers are responsible for the transport of cargo, often across state lines or for long periods of time. They require a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and sometimes certification from the state. While their primary duty is the safe delivery of property from one facility to another, they might also be expected to load and unload their trucks, maintain log books and dump hazardous waste. Truck drivers are required to follow all traffic laws and rules of the road. They can work for both private brands and driving companies that loan out their services.

Truck Driver Resume Example

Work Experience

Chesapeake Energy (July 2012 to Present)
Truck driver

  • Transport oversize,overweight, and¬†wide loads from the oil rig which can sometime include being escorted to various drill locations
  • Assist the driller in operating drilling & mud circulating equipment as instructed
  • Maintain accurate logbook
  • Maintain proper communication with driller, tool pusher
  • Operate crane as required to transfer oversize equipment throughout job locations safely as well as open communication with riggers and spotters
  • Conduct maintenance & inspection on cranes and associated equipment as required
  • Assist with handling freight to and from boats or trucks
  • General construction and maintenance, help keep repairs of equipment
  • Work with pumpers and relief/Run&Monitor Pressure pumps/Fluid Equipment
  • Forklift driver

David H. Martin Excavating (July 2008 to July 2012)
Truck Driver

  • Delivered sand, stone, topsoil and blacktop to customers and job sites
  • Maintained mileage records, time cards and vehicle inspection records.
  • Inspected vehicle daily for proper condition and working order
  • Operated the truck in accordance with all company, state and federal safety regulations
  • Planned the most efficient route for delivery of products

Pevely Dairy (September 2001 to March 2009)
Truck Driver

  • Tanker/heavy equipment operator/winch operator
  • Maintained logs & Communicate details of directions
  • Drove and delivered product to various stops
  • Loaded and unloaded trucks
  • Calgon vestal /heavy machine operator


Bachelors of Science in Accounting – Wilson College – Chambersburg, PA